In Kindergarten, we provide a learning environment that accommodates the diverse learning styles and needs of all children. Students will have numerous opportunities to learn in both small group and large group settings. Children will learn how a classroom functions and help build a classroom community that is safe and productive.

One of our primary goals is to teach students to become independent learners and problem solvers. Kindergarteners will learn and/or review letters and sounds and increase their phonics and phonemic awareness skills. During small reading group instruction students will work on word study and comprehension strategies to read independently at a level C at the end of the school year.

In writing, students will use the writing process to write a variety of genres and learn about grammar and mechanics. In math, students will gain number sense, recognize 2D & 3D shapes and add and subtract within the number 5. Our science curriculum encompasses the study of earth science, physical and life science. In social studies, lessons will include the understanding of the past and present, learning about how different cultures live in different places around the world and what characteristics make a good citizen and student.

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