Legacy Elementary

Legacy Elementary provides a robust, comprehensive elementary school education to our students. Instruction includes a rigorous focus on literacy and math, alongside the additional cores subjects of science and social studies. Students also participate in specials that include Music, Art, and P.E.

Frederick Feeder Strong

We are the Legacy Lions

Legacy Elementary School Leads the Way! We prepare the leaders of tomorrow!

Feeder Alignment

Clear alignment within high school feeder to support an increase in graduation rates. 2018-2019 Legacy, as a part of the Frederick High School feeder, is focused on student engagement.

Middle School Preparedness

Middle school academic readiness is on a positive trajectory. Over a 4 year period from 2015-2018, 5th grade CMAS ELA increased by 8 percentage points and math increased by 6 percentage points.

Community Partnership

Partnering with community members to support all learners. Community school offerings include STEM activities, robotics, tutoring, and enrichment.

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Sean Corey



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Legacy Elementary School