Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Legacy Elementary provides a robust, comprehensive elementary school education to our students. Instruction includes a rigorous focus on literacy and math, alongside the additional cores subjects of science and social studies. Students also participate in specials that include music, art, and p.e.

Legacy Elementary develops students’ academic and social-emotional skills. The school partners with parents and the surrounding community to build strong relationships and civic-minded students. Strong community engagement creates extensive volunteer opportunities, encourages local involvement by students, and provides a system that supports all children. Legacy focuses academic work around higher order thinking skills, employing questioning strategies, and using thinking tools like Thinking Maps and Icons of Depth and Complexity to encourage student learning. Legacy Elementary’s work supports its mission to “ensure that all students achieve high standards of learning, academic excellence, and reach their full potential.” 

Teaching and Learning Philosophies

Response to Intervention

In addition to traditional academic support, Legacy Elementary employs RTI, or Response To Intervention, as a multi tiered system designed to support students needs. For additional information, please see the CDE link to RTI below.


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