Summer Construction

We are excited about what is happening at Legacy this summer. We are getting upgrades to the school. Contractors will be remodeling the entry area to increase security, improve the flow of people who visit, as well as, installing some additional parking. Also, there will be some “behind the scenes” maintenance on lighting, the playground, and some equipment.

Due to the amount of construction traffic and activity, it is advised that the use of the school playground and field is limited. Construction is starting Friday, May 25th and will be completed August 1st. Please help us keep everyone safe by limiting the use of the grounds during the summertime.

The school’s office will be closed during construction. Please see Legacy’s website for information or you can call the district office for questions, 303-776-6200.

Thank you for your cooperation and making these improvements possible through your support of the bond. We are looking forward to the 2018/2019 school year to show off our updated school.