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Logging Into MyON App at Home

Login using myON PIN (for Offline Apps)

Some data integration systems that support myON (including Clever Instant Login) will no longer include the user password in the data feed. In order to allow myON users access to offline reading apps, a new PIN (personal identification number) has been automatically assigned to all accounts. You can see your PIN by clicking on the blue iPad button in the top right of your screen.  This must be done while logged on line.


Your PIN is 4 characters long, and is a random set of numbers and letters. You’ll use your PIN if you have downloaded one of the myON offline reading apps for iPad, Chrome, Android, or Kindle Fire. When you first use one of these apps, you’ll need to add a user. When adding a user, you can use the PIN along with your username – this lets your app know which books you have access to, as well as which user account reading data should be uploaded to. You will only need to use the PIN when first adding your user to the device.