Education is a year round activity

Education is a year round activity at Legacy Elementary. Although school is not currently in session, the Community School Enrichment team is keeping our students busy. This summer students have two exciting opportunities to enhance their critical and creative thinking skills through the exploration of Harry Potter and Dinosaurs. Teachers instructing the courses work closely with the Enrichment Team to develop and deliver class content in new and exciting ways, that add a unique element to our students summer.

One of two classes being offered this summer is “Harry Potter World”, a two part class that immerses students in the world of Harry Potter. Students are challenged to use their creative side to create ”potions” using basic household ingredients. Michael Stover, class instructor and current fifth grade teacher at Legacy says, “The Harry Potter class is designed specifically to include activities with a STEM focus, that are purposeful, engaging, and fun for students”. Students will apply STEM concepts by exploring the science of flight as they build paper broomsticks that can fly like a paper airplane. They are also designing and recreating the infamous Hogwarts castle using marshmallows and spaghetti, with the purpose of understanding architectural engineering techniques.

A second class offered transports students back in time to the age of the dinosaur, specifically the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods. Students will learn the step by step process of a dinosaur hunt – from ground penetrating sonar, to mapping out a dig site, and finally putting the bones together in the “lab”. Students will also have the opportunity to study the specific tools paleontologists use to uncover dinosaur bones. “Students become paleontologists and explore the process of uncovering million year old bones – you can feel their excitement!” says Jennifer Roth, class instructor and current kindergarten teacher at Legacy.

Our Community School Enrichment team strives to provide our students with unique, fun, and educational activities year round.