Nadine Fahlstedt

What is your educational background?

University of Northern Colorado Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Education) with an emphasis in Language Arts and a minor in Communication Studies


What is your favorite subject?

Reading & Writing 


What do you like best about teaching?

I enjoy building relationships with my students as I help them find confidence within themselves to achieve their dreams. It is an extremely rewarding experience to be a part of their journey and to watch them grow as they begin to discover who they are meant to be. Plus, they keep me on my toes and everyday is a new challenge and adventure together! 


How do you prepare students to meet future challenges?

In my classroom, I focus a lot on the idea of a Growth Mindset. Growth Mindset is the idea that intelligence or talent is not set in stone. It is ever changing and can always grow and change with confidence, positivity, hard work, motivation, and dedication. I believe fostering a growth mindset at a young age can help students become better problem solvers, develop inner confidence, and ultimately have tools they will need to be successful throughout their life. 

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