Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade! This year, students continue to build upon the foundation of K-2 grades in all subject areas. Students will be encouraged to expand upon this foundation through collaboration with peers, inquiry and analytical (or close) reading. They will continue to develop reading fluency and practice reading with expression. Students will have the opportunity to be creative, critical, and independent thinkers through inquiry based projects for each reading unit.

Our young writers will develop their writing of paragraph structure using multiple genres, including personal narratives, literary essays and research reports. In math, they will continue to expand on their mastery of place value and addition and subtraction with larger numbers. The math curriculum will develop their understanding of multiplication and division to 100, fractions, structure of arrays and area, describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes. They will follow the scientific method as geologists, biologists, botanists, and engineers in our science curriculum.

Students will learn about their local government and town in our social studies lessons. They will even conduct their very own Town Hall meeting in downtown Frederick. Economics will come to life as students earn money, receive paychecks, visit the bank, and shop in our Third Grade Store. This will be an exciting year for all!

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