First Grade

Welcome to First Grade! Students build upon their literacy skills by learning to read grade-level text. Throughout the year, students will develop phonemic awareness, use decoding strategies, and continue to improve their fluency & comprehension skills to become meaningful readers.

First grade authors will learn to write complete sentences while adding supporting details in their written works. Students will add to writing portfolios throughout the year to monitor their progress & success. In math, students will be working on making partners & totals for numbers 1-20, mastering patterns, find missing numbers, improve math fluency using Rocket Math, understand values, diligently practice counting up to 120, know properties of shapes, and money knowledge while identifying key words in story problems. In 1st grade, students will learn helpful strategies to better understand addition and subtraction facts while manipulating numbers throughout problem solving.

The students will focus on building community with Legacy 3 & me practices and by sharing about family & cultural traditions. At Legacy, 1st graders will learn the benefits in becoming a good citizen. Students will study notable people, places, holidays and patriotic symbols. Our little scientists will study weather, life cycles & animal habitats. In addition, there will be Pebbles & Rock explorations, Liquid & Solid experiments and the students will begin investigating nature during our Plants & Insects Unit in the spring. We look forward to watching your young learners grow.