Theresa Randolph

The primary goal of music education at Legacy Elementary is to provide a rock-solid and highly proficient level of understanding of all primary elements of music including pitch and note recognition, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and articulation. In our weekly music classes, we present a series of skill and knowledge “building blocks,” beginning with basic music discovery and basic music theory at the Kindergarten level and then progressing and advancing through the upper grades. Continuity of music content at each grade level is key to student success. By the time a student reaches the 5th grade, they have a strong understanding of both vocal and instrumental music as we prepare them for further music studies (choir, band, orchestra, guitar, etc.) at the middle school level.

In addition to our regularly scheduled music classes, we extend the music education experience by providing a variety of fun and challenging before- and after-school music clubs including beginning band, beginning guitar, and show choir.

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