Jessica Esinhart

What is your educational background?

Masters in Language Acquisition from Adams State 2011, K-6 Educator License from Metro State College 2007, International teaching experience Islington, London 3rd/4th year students 2007, BS Business Marketing from CSU 2002


What is your favorite subject?

I love to teach writing workshops & science


What do you like best about teaching?

I fell in love with teaching while instructing skiing/snowboarding in the mountains. I enjoy teaching for this community of young learners. I get to be creative & explore new resources. I see every day as an opportunity for a child to discover a newly learned concept. Hearing "I get it!" is music to my ears. I absolutely love getting to know each & every one of my students so that I may keep them engaged & excited about learning. 


How do you prepare students to meet future challenges?

I challenge my students to work beyond expectations & to teach others their newly learned skills. My students deepen their understanding through real world application, collaboration, presenting through technological tools & ability to use multiple strategies throughout problem solving activities. My objective is to make learning fun so that my students are eager to learn & to become successful in reaching their end of year goals.

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