Elana Wolfinbarger

What is your educational background?

I got my Bachelor's degree from Metro State University, and received my Masters' from CSU. I love learning and miss being a student. This love of learning leads me to take many continuing education classes each year.


What is your favorite subject?

I love both math and social studies. I am fortunate to spend my days teaching a subject I have a passion for.


What do you like best about teaching?

I love being with the kids. I also was a horrible math student and hated everything "math"! My goal is to share my passion of learning and encourage students to embrace the subject I teach. I believe if students understand the "why" of math and its' many rules, they will have a deeper understanding that will stick with them throughout their lives.


How do you prepare students to meet future challenges?

I challenge students everyday. I believe they are only limited by what they believe they can do, and what I believe they can do. So, I push them, and show them I believe they can do anything, and we don't, ever, give up!  

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