Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade! In 4th grade, students delve deeper into reading comprehension through complex non-fiction text, novel studies, literature circles, and individualized learning contracts. Writing genres include personal narrative, persuasive, fiction using figurative language, and research.

The focus of math includes place value from the millions to the hundredths, algebraic structures using number patterns and relationships represented by a symbol, adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators and mixed numbers, understanding the characteristics of geometric shapes, solving 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication and division problems, and comparing the metric system to standard measurement.

Students will learn about Colorado History and how it relates to the timeline of U.S. History including how our government functions and how that relates to economics at each stage of its formation. In science, students study the structures of life through crayfish habitats, how the sun, moon, and stars effect our earth, and how magnetism and electricity work!